[Rumor] Samsung Working on a 7-Inch Tablet?

The time of the Galaxy Tab series is ending. We thought the Note series was for their phablets, then we were introduced to the Note 10.1 Tablet .

Apparently Samsung are testing a new device “GT-N5100”, reportedly a 7-Inch tablet featuring a 1280px by 720px screen and a 1.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor. Seems like it might be shipping with Android 4.1.2, but surly will be updated to the new 4.2 update soon after. As it is part of the new Note Series it’ll also come with the S-Pen stylus accessory.


Are you excited for the Korean company’s new tablet offering? Would you pick one up? 


This Is Just The Start!

Hello everyone.

Just as an Introduction my names Travis, an 18 year old alone in this big ol’ world we call our home. Alone you say? I guess that why I fall back on my interest in technology.

So heres what this blog will be about!

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