MotoMakers, what is it?

Boy oh boy, I have not written on here in forever!

You might have heard some stuff about this mysterious program on various tech sites. Well I’d to tell you on what is.. Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your socks!

We were invited to be part of this group about a month ago, at least that’s when I as. We have about 50 members of Motorola fans and supporters. We get access to:

+ An Insiders View of Motorola, such as Google Hangouts with Motorola Executives and Design specialists, and early news and updates.
+ Products to test, review, and ENJOY. Such as the Moto 360 I am wearing right now, more on that later.
+ The opportunity to attend Motorola and Industry events. If you may remember I took a trip to Motorola’s HQ in Chicago, IL last September as part of the ‘SuperFan experience’ attending the launch of the Moto X 2014, Moto G 2014, Moto Hint, Moto Power Packs, and the Moto 360. I assume more stuff like that, and industry events like CES (Consumer Electronics Show (Vegas baby!)) and Mobile World Congress (Berlin, Germany!).

There has been other groups some what like this, but the ammount of love that Motorola has put into this group is outstanding, we are not people behind a computer, it is like a family.

That’s it for now, I will have more articles soon about My. Tech. Habbits. I’ll leave with qoute from Motorola’s CEO:
“The mobile phone industry’s greatest failure is also its greatest opportunity: to make really good, affordable devices for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. A great smartphone, and a great mobile internet experience, shouldn’t be an expensive luxury. It should be a simple choice for everyone.”
~ Rick Osterloh, CEO